A town with a history . . . A town with a vision . . . A town with rules . . .

Part of what makes our town so breathtakingly beautiful is the views – of the coast, the mountains or just big blue skies.  Every time city officials let developers build as high as they want, we lose a little more light.  Greater heights; greater density; more traffic.


Is this what you want for OUR TOWN? We don’t, and we hope you’ll join us in saying so.


Line in the Sand was formed to provide a united voice for all of us who see OUR TOWN compromised every day in so many ways. The overwhelming defeat of Measure Y is ignored as city decision makers review ever bigger, denser projects which will be sure to create additional burdens for an already traffic-weary community.


Enough is enough! Join us in saying so. Our list of Champions and Friends grows every day. Add you name, your voice, your skills, your energy and your support to those who advocate for smart and balanced growth.

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