“…further growth is far more likely to be the problem than the solution for today’s communities. Urban growth is not something to be sought after like a prize or a blessing. Instead, it is more like a parasite that saps the strength and will of our communities…”

From “Better, Not Bigger – How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve Your Community”
by Eben Fordor

Our Goal:

Effect Positive Change Together

Preserving our beautiful town and residents’ right to participate in that endeavor has been our focus and yours since the last General Plan Update in 2006.

It was not until 2014, when Measure Y proposed a major expansion of Newport Center, that we saw the need to form a standing Political Action Committee to carry out SPON’s mission of preserving and protecting the residential and environmental qualities of Newport Beach.  What began as the No on Y Committee became Line in the Sand PAC (LITS).

Shortly after it was formed, LITS had to mobilize against a plan to build the Museum House condo tower in Newport Center. We gathered 14,000 signatures on a referendum petition in just 14 days as the Christmas holidays approached. This was a huge success and firmly established us as a force to be reckoned with.

Our belief, shared by more and more communities and experts, is that continued, piecemeal growth of density, mass and height is unwanted and undesirable.

It takes a village to save a village . . . and time and again we have helped each other succeed in doing just that.

The General Plan:

Blueprint of our future Newport Beach

The new General Plan Update process will begin in earnest this fall, with multiple opportunities for the public to weigh in on how they want their future Newport Beach to take shape.  “Listen and Learn” outreach meetings will come to many of your neighborhoods, making it convenient to participate.

We encourage anyone interested in learning about local land use and growth planning to reach out to us. The more residents who are informed and involved, the higher our chances of success. And if you can make a donation large or small, we will put it to good use as we continue our quest to keep Newport Beach the place we love to call home.

General Plan Update Resources

Still Protecting our Newport: General Plan Update

City of Newport Beach: General Plan Update

This Needs to Change
Join Us in the Conversation


We need to draw that line in the sand that says “this far and no farther”?

Disregard for the Public

Why are our City officials chipping away at the very things that are important to those who chose them to lead? Why is this happening?

Ignoring Policies & Guidelines

Why do our City officials allow never‐ending exceptions and modifications to our planning policies and guidelines, effectively allowing developers to dictate height and density allowances?

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This is especially important as the City is preparing to embark on its General Plan Update process which will formalize the vision of Our Town for years to come.  We cannot afford to overlook or underestimate this opportunity.  We must work together to find common ground on the vision of Our Town.

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