Generous donors have pledged $75,000 . . . if we raise an additional $75,000 during our Fall 2017 Fundraising Campaign.

Please help us meet our Match Goal of $75,000.


Our progress as of December 1, 2017:

Current: $70000|Goal: $75000

Our Successes

Defending our beautiful town and residents’ right to participate in local government processes has been our focus, and yours, more so than ever during the past three years.

Our recent successes have certainly been a threat to the developers that see Newport Beach as a gold mine just waiting to be tapped:

. . . the overwhelming defeat of Ballot Measure Y (General Plan Land Use Amendment)

. . . the amazing support of the Museum House Referendum Petition which led to the reversal of the project approval


Our Challenges

Because our mission is to protect the residential qualities of Newport Beach, Line in the Sand will become the target of lawsuits by those hoping to build excessively in Newport.

We are now embroiled in a vigorous and extremely expensive legal defense of the lawsuit brought by Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) naming LITS a “Real Party In Interest”. If OCMA prevails and the court invalidates the petition and reinstates the City approvals, then the bulldozers will roll in with no further input from anyone, and the voices of the 14,000 residents who exercised their constitutional right to have a say through a public vote could be silenced.

We cannot meet these challenges without your help:

. . . Covering the significant legal expenses incurred to fight the deep-pocketed OCMA and Museum House developer Related Companies

. . . Expanding our base of contributors (small, medium and large)

. . . Building our war chest to fund future legal battles of this type as well as preemptive legislative actions to prevent such outrageous projects as the Museum House from being proposed or approved in the first place

. . . Maintaining our positive momentum in light of these challenges


Our Goal

Generous donors have recently created a Match Fund Challenge for $75,000.  That amount doubles through your contributions, large and small, as long as your contributions meet or exceed the Match Challenge.  A $150,000 war chest will provide us with the much needed financial resources enabling us to defend residents’ Museum House petition in court and take the necessary steps going forward to protect the character of Our Town.

Your Participation

Donate whatever amount you can.

And share our request for financial support with those in your personal networks who feel as you do . . . that the beautiful heritage of Newport Beach is at risk as never before and is critically important to defend.

Thank You!

This Needs to Change
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We need to draw that line in the sand that says “this far and no farther”?

Disregard for the Public

Why are our City officials chipping away at the very things that are important to those who chose them to lead? Why is this happening?

Ignoring Policies & Guidelines

Why do our City officials allow never‐ending exceptions and modifications to our planning policies and guidelines, effectively allowing developers to dictate height and density allowances?

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